Songs With Queer Themes

Another post about queer themes, Gentle Reader? Why, yes, indeed. In a way. This isn’t really a real post.

It’s Pride month, and I’m feeling it intensely. My dear personal friend, Mr. C.W.L. Darling, is enjoying both New York Pride as well as San Francisco Pride, and will be home in time for Seattle Pride, and I must say that I’m intensely jealous. No matter. Pride isn’t about your physical location, nor even about the marches, parades, and parties; it’s something that you feel. Obviously.

At any rate, I’m feeling proud, and am listening to queer-themed music. I’m of two minds about songs of this nature; while I think that most art transcends specific genders and orientations, it’s still nice to not have to gender-swap in love songs that you’re singing to a guy. Also, some queer songs explore specifically queer themes that heterosexual or cisgendered artists may not recognize, feel, or think of expressing. At any rate, the rest of this will be links to Youtube, really, with a list of my favourite queer songs. Cheers, y’all.

Out of the Wardrobe, by The Kinks

Of course “Lola” also qualifies, but I think that this song is more honest with its subject matter, not to mention that it isn’t played nearly as often.

Boyfriend Wanted and That’s So Gay by The Pansy Division

The Pansy Division isn’t too well-known, but I’m monstrous fond of them. One of these is sweet, and the other justifiably angry. Cheers.

Andrew in Drag by The Magnetic Fields

I adore this video, and actually most of their songs are remarkably done. This is my favourite, though.

My Boyfriend by The Rugburns

I’m afraid that I couldn’t find a proper video for this, but the gentleman lip syncing seems friendly, so that.

Melody Dean by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

You may know that I’m a little obsessed with AFP. Well, in this song from her newish album, she’s singing to an ungendered lover in absentia about her affair with Melody Dean. Also, it’s catchy as hell.

Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis

What’s that? This sounds like some sort of joke? I’m afraid not. It’s the most sentimental song on here, and usually makes me cry. Very sincere. *

The Gayest of All Time by Jonny McGovern

Now, a lot of Jonny McGovern’s work is purely ridiculous, and not at all my style of usual thing. I still love it. Some of his stuff is pretty NSFW (even if it is terribly catchy), but this is a brand new song that inspired this post. Happy Pride, folks!


*I just checked. I still cry whenever I hear this. Ex-husband, I’d be under the sea, but you hold me above.

About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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9 Responses to Songs With Queer Themes

  1. ekgo says:

    Yay! New music for me! Well, Ok, not The Kinks or Amanda Fucking Palmer, but the rest is new to me so thank you and yay!

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