Holiday Decor

Special Note: I really phoned it in today, Gentle Reader. I apologize in advance – but I did promise photos of my humble chamber. Try to enjoy, if you can.

If you’re like me, Gentle Reader, your everyday decor is a trifle dark. This can make decorating for holidays a little tricky – particularly Christmas, a season of hope, joy, and light. While I’ve been drooling over Victoria Elizabeth Barnes’ delicious discotheque of a front porch, I haven’t the budget, time, or taste to recreate it.


By the way, folks, this photo is a test. I’m using it without permission, and when Victoria Elizabeth Barnes asks me to remove it, then I will know that she’s been reading my blog all along. If she doesn’t ask me to remove it, then I haven’t been caught get to use an awesome photo.

At any rate, I don’t have the budget or baubles to swing something like that. What I do have is the endless greenery of the Pacific Northwest, some twinkling white lights, and… various ornaments and objets d’arts that are my everyday decor. The trouble is – I don’t have the time or energy this year to bring all the wonderful ideas I have, or that I see around me, to life.  So instead of this:


We get this:


So, if you have a steel spooky cemetery set, and want to make it seasonal? CEDAR BOUGHS, Y’ALL.


Or perhaps you have a miniature Giant Octopus? That’s attacking a ship in a bottle? MORE CEDAR BOUGHS:


Perhaps you have a toy unicorn that’s prancing in a magical grotto made of bones? Can you guess how we make it festive?


It’s certainly not anything like what I thought I’d be putting up. I love it – seriously, I lovingly stacked those vertabrae to make the magical grotto, but – well, this is the kind of thing I had in my head:


Of course, we mustn’t forget the Pièce de Resistance – Veronica and Humbert Humbert, cunningly displayed as Madonna and Child:


I did make an attempt with some baubles and lights hung over my vanity, but they didn’t turn out terribly well.


All right, it isn’t my best decorating effort. It’s not incredibly Christmasy, either, and it’s certainly not Pinterest worthy. Still, the smell of cedar boughs puts me in the holiday mood. What more can I say?

To see more of the things that I would like to have done for the holiday, you can visit my Pinterest board, Holidays. To see more of what I’ve actually got around me, keep an eye on the Items for Sale page right here on the blog!

What… interesting items do you have to work around in your home, during holiday decorating? What decorations are your favorite?

About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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4 Responses to Holiday Decor

  1. Pony says:

    Aw, I like your semi-spooky Christmas décor. I’m having trouble getting the decorating done this year- I just can’t stand/move around for very long, and I wear out ridiculously fast. I have 4 trees, (one real, one real-looking, one white and one purple.) and I haven’t got a single one of them finished yet. Ugh. At this rate, it’ll be Christmas day before I get them all done.

    • Tyler J. Yoder says:

      I know a lot of people used to have a tradition of not decorating their trees until Christmas eve, so you absolutely can’t beat yourself up about it until midnight on the 24th.

      And my dear, considering how we met, I’d be surprised if you didn’t like the semi-spooky. XD

  2. dar says:

    Unicorn!! 🙂 This makes me happy!

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