The Big List – Part II

On Friday, Gentle Reader, I told you about my new project for the upcoming year – much like Not That Kind of Girl, I am going to try 150 things I’ve never done before, or that I’m not typically the type of person to do. We left the list at 75; here is the other half of the list.

As before, I am still accepting ideas. The list can be edited up until the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, and after that is sacrosanct: at that point, every item on my list MUST be completed in 2014.

76. Visit a convent.
77. Learn axe throwing or knife throwing.
78. Attend a burlesque class or lesson.
79. Feed the birds in front of St. Paul’s cathedral in London.St. Pauls80. Attend a lodge meeting in every country I visit.
81. Donate Blood, even if it is technically illegal.
82. Finish My Damned Novel Already, Dude
83. Visit Madame Tussaud’s.
84. Have a spa day.
85. Be Hypnotised.
86. Ride in a sailboat.
87. Drink a tropical drink out of a coconut.
88. Own and wear an old-timey swimsuit.
89. Visit the Hoveton Hall Spider Garden in Norfolk.
90. Try “urban foraging”.
91. Ride a carousel in top hat and tails.
Carousel92. Hold a book signing.
93. Walk the Camino de Santiago.
94. Visit the hotel where Oscar Wilde died; inspect wallpaper.
95. Drink Absinthe in Montmartre. Obviously.
96. Attend a beard/mustache competition.
97. Speak to every person who crosses my path for an entire day.
98. Get a hot shave from a barber.
99. Have a champagne and caviar picnic.
100. Avoid saying I, Me, My, etc. for a week, à la Crowley.
101. Have a romantic encounter; serenade said lover in bed.
102. Have a cocktail in public, on the steps of a palace.
103. Visit Deyrolle’s taxidermy shop in Paris.
104. Go to Neushwanstein.
105. Visit a sauna or public bath.
106. Visit the Englischegarten in Munich; seek out the Japanese teahouse there.
107. Watch Practical Magic and take Midnight Margaritas with C.W.L. Darling.midnightmargaritas108. Examine my deep, long-held beliefs; be able to defend them, citing resources.
109. Try Marmite.
110. Live a day (or possibly a week?) as a woman.
111. Learn to pick a lock.
112. Try Yoga.
113. Hop a fence or break in somewhere.
114. Spend some time around children – by volunteering at a preschool? Something?
115. Learn fencing.
116. Carve my name into something in every city I visit.
117. Take up contortion.
118. Visit a bee-farm; try to extract honey from a hive.
Bee Beard119. Visit a concentration camp.
120. Learn to navigate using constellations.
121. Ride the London Eye.
122. Perform at an open-mike night.
123. Rowboat in a castle moat.
124. Visit Salisbury Plain on a bicycle.
125. Jump Off A Bridge
126. Swim in the Seine.
127. Try Meditation.
128. Learn flintknapping
129. See a Rosicrucian temple.
130. Rekindle my interest in mysticism and magical theory.
131. Give up swearing for a month.
132. Visit the statue of Boudicca that was the first thing I ever saw in London.
133. Send real correspondence to people.
134. Have bouilliabase in a French seaport.
135. Give away something that I truly love.
136. Wear more jewelry.
Jewelry137. Find my way into a clock-tower.
138. Wander around Highgate Cemetery.
139. Visit the Hunterian Museum and Sir John Soane’s Museum.
140. Find an abandoned amusement park.
141. Grow a kicking beard; rock it.
142. Collect grave rubbings.
143. Write down all the beautiful phrases overheard in one day.
144. Attend a class at a charm school.
145. Go on a photo scavenger hunt; take every social media suggestion.
146. Join a secret society that I don’t already belong to.
147. Crash a fancy party.
SultryFamilyShot148. Visit L’Escargot D’Or and read poetry by Robert Service.
149. Learn to play the pennywhistle.
150. Only barter for goods/services for an entire day.

About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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2 Responses to The Big List – Part II

  1. Dar Hamill (The Happiness Post) says:

    If you do #18 with me in Frederick, MD I will happily provide the champagne & caviar picnic!!

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