Exploring the River (OR: The Leavenworth Trip: Part Two)

Gentle Reader, our first morning in the cabin dawned bright and clear, and I stumbled downstairs in search of coffee. Christopher Darling was still asleep, but as a smoker tobacco-juice-vapor-person*, I can only stay abed so long before my body craves some drugs.

Coffee and Cigarettes

Sweet, Sweet, Drugs

Once I was at a level that I think of as “tolerable quasi-humanity” Darling was up and it was time for adventure, so we all traipsed down the river-trail.

Darling and I had explored it the day before; we were plotting to ford the river and scale the sheer cliff on the other side.

Great Big Hill

Twenty-five nine years of my life and still – wait, what?

When we’d encountered a big rock in the river, I insisted on wading out , knee-deep into the river; I like the cold, and wasn’t bothered by the glacial snow-melt at all. When Christopher joined me, well –

Christopher Nature

– it was a trifle cold for him.

Christopher Cold

So when we went back the next day, with his family, Christopher was less inclined to wade into the water. I was all for it, though, and so was K, Darling’s sister-in-law†.

Big Rock Two

She decided not to climb the big rock, though, because her little dog was following her into the swiftly raging river and we were all worried about falling over and being swept away to our deaths, anyway.

Climbing The Rock

Let’s climb the giant rock!

Rock Progress Two

I will help you, guuuuurl!

Rock Victory

Whatevs. Also probably YOLO.

The remainder of that day was spent exploring the fabulous shopping opportunities of a small tourist town. They had a hat shop with both real and novelty hats, all sorts; Darling bought me one that was trés Quentin Crisp for my birthday.


Back at the cabin, we had an early night; there was to be a fishing trip the next day!

Christopher and I didn’t go fishing. Obviously.

Instead, we were going to take a Leisurely Nature Stroll. It was Beltane, after all.

Before we could get to Nature, we had to hike up to the bustling metropolis known as Plain, Washington.

Plain, Washington

That’s it. That’s the whole town.

While we were there, we discovered a charming cupola, and had to investigate; then we discovered the garden.


Big Tree

And then also this happened:

Christopher Tractor Best

Well, after Plain, we jaunted on towards the unknown.  Luckily, we made a lizard-friend who guided us towards a trail.

Lizard Friend

Lizard-Friend is on a signpost that reads, simply, “Bridge.”

We were now dans la foret, Gentle Reader; I was thrilled, because the task on my List that I’ve been most excited about was coming up‡:

The Task: Create a Whimsical Forest Surprise.

Which you’ll just have to wait until Friday to read about. Cheers!


* My biggest problem with using the stupid vapor thing instead of smoking is the nomenclature. I refuse to use the term “vaping.” It’s not euphonic, it’s not elegant, and I hate it. Also I constantly have to track down the bits for my machine or worry about it running out of electricity, instead of just lighting up and using a verb with a bit of sibilant music in. Blech.

†Not to be confused with Miss K. This K is a very sweet young lady, though, and I really enjoyed her company.

‡My original plan for the Whimsical Forest Surprise was to make a Thai Spirit House and leave it in the forest, but then I learned about Cultural Appropriation. My next idea was to make charming biodegradable fairies from renewable resources and suspend them from a tree, but the spontaneity of what actually happened was much better. Trust me. You’ll see.


About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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4 Responses to Exploring the River (OR: The Leavenworth Trip: Part Two)

  1. Pony says:

    I anxiously await the next installment- I do wish I could go to Leavenworth. I fear my darling husband is entirely disinterested, however. Le sigh. (although mentioning rivers and fishing may sway him… must give that a try.

    • Apparently, Fish Lake is totally not worth it, although there are lots of other fishing opportunities.

      I’m really wishing we’d gotten some snaps of the town itself, but we spent most of our time playing Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in the woods. 😀

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