A New List

Despite financial hurdles and the European fiasco causing me to axe the bulk of 2014’s List Project, I still feel that it was a valuable project. I learned a lot about myself, my tastes, the differences in how I see myself and who I am, and so much more. Would I do the List Project again? In a heartbeat. And I am, in fact, doing it again. Here, for your perusal, is my new List for 2015.


  1. Learn to play the Banjo.


2. Get a hot shave from a barber.
3. Spend time at a public beach in a swimsuit.
4. Release my completely queer volume of poetry, “#NoHetero”.
5. Perform in drag for an audience.


6. Make my own wine.
7. Start an herb garden.
8. Obtain a rope of pearls of my own that have never belonged to any relatives before me.
9. Try Borscht.
10. Master my Nanny’s recipe for buns.
11. Go ballroom dancing on a date.


12. Read the Bible all the way through. Take copious notes.
13. Display some artwork of my own in a gallery.
14. Release “The Children’s Illustrated Garden of Intoxicants”.
15. Dance in the Rain.
16. Go glamping with Darling.


17. Whenever possible, wear flowers in my hair.
18. Attend a black-tie affair.
19. Make or alter all of my own clothes.
20. Try eating squab.
21. Grow out my hair.

Long Hair

The last time I grew my hair out was in 2006.

22. Enroll in classes.
23. Attend a con.
24. Attend a sports game.
25. Explore a Ghost Town. (Probably Melmont, WA)
26. Make Plum Pudding for next Christmas.
27. Bathe in Champagne? Bathe in Champagne cheap sparkling wine because otherwise it’s a waste of Veuve Clicquot.


28. Learn to sing adequately.
29. Talk my mother into finally scattering my father’s ashes.
30. Go sea-bathing.
31. Make a film with Capere.
32. Audition for community theatre.
33. Familiarize myself with classic film.

Eye Roll

34. Pierce something unnecessary.
35. Join a new secret society.
36. Visit more museums.
37. Buy Stock in something.
38. Ride in a rickshaw.
39. Visit the Seattle Aquarium.


40. Ride on a dirtbike.
41. Go vegan for a week.
42. Eat something ridiculously exotic.
43. Go canoeing/kayaking.
44. Archery. Do that.
45. Make friends with a tarantula.


46. Swim with the sharks at Pt. Defiance.
47. Get Made-Over.
48. Play pool or darts at a straight bar and try to pass as some kind of dudebro.
49. Revisit the thrills that a Murder-Mystery can bring.
50. Donate or volunteer at a charity.
51.  Attend a fashion show.
52. Take the “Terrified in Tacoma” tour, because I love ghosts.


53. Try Mincemeat Pie.
54. Learn basic sign language.
55. Ride in a limousine.
56. Own an actually posh tiara, actually.
57. Own something bespoke..
58. Attempt to box.


59. Attend a circus. Preferably at night.
60. Read the Marquis de Sade.
61. Go on a blind date.
62. Start carrying, and using, a parasol regularly.
63. Have a portrait painted of myself.


That I own, I mean.

64. Write my will.
65. Lounge on a divan, while being fanned and fed peeled grapes.
66. Hold a Funeral – and a Wake – for my youth.
67. Ride a horse sidesaddle.
68. Attend Critical Massive, the Northwest’s tiny Burning Man.
69.  Be in a Pin-Up photoshoot.
70. Use Henna in my hair and beard regularly.
71. Take a mixology class.


72. Learn Self-Defense.
73. Step into a fairy-ring.
74.  Print out or restore my cherished photos. Make a physical album.
75.  Do the whole “Say Yes To Everything For A Day” thing and let certain people know about it because they are always asking me to do amazing things.
76. Start selling things online for real. I mean, on Etsy or something.
77. Shave my head.
78. Throw a Surprise Party.


79. Put out a Zine. Make that a thing.
80. Hunt for Wild Mushrooms
81. Familiarize myself with classical music. As in being able to talk Telemann and Haydn and stuff.
82.  Attempt to Roller-Blade.
83. Dumpsters. Get in one. Find a treasure.


84. Attend an Auction.
85. Release Sky-Lanterns for a suitable occasion.
86. Find a DDR machine. Finally try it.
87. Find my Red Dress.
89. Finally try Raw Milk.
90. Accupuncture.


91. Explore a Cave.
92.  Make friends with an excellent old lady. Learn her beauty tips.
93.  Plot out my actual family tree.
94.  Get a damned pedicure.
95.  Buy a beer for an old vet. Listen to war stories.
96. Attend or host a Kentucky Derby party.


97. Perform at an Open Mike Night.
98.  Celebrate Oktoberfest.
99. Make a cheese.
100. Con Capere, Darling, Ward, and Spectacular into getting matching tattoos with me. SUPER FRIENDS.

About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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8 Responses to A New List

  1. Pony says:

    You already own something bespoke. Your Cthulhu bow. 🙂

  2. Ambitious! Best of luck.

  3. alisande21 says:

    Love the list! What a great idea to push one’s self out of their comfort zone.

  4. deenietot says:

    Your list is inspiring. However, I wish I was motivated enough to make a list, let alone complete anything on one. haha.

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