Which Contains a Queer Heavy-Metal Strip Club

Naturally, Gentle Reader, a post with such a ridiculous title also contains a visit to Portland, Oregon.

Portland really isn't that weird apparently and needs encouragement

You’ve got this, Portland. I believe in you!

Our dear Mr. Darling was to perform in his first full strip show, and it was important to him that his childhood friends come watch. Ms. Capere and I made arrangements to stay with the Spectaculars, and planned to stop by Olympia’s Arts Walk on the way back home, on Sunday. Plans are fluid, though, and on Friday night we decided to stay in Oly instead, so as to shorten the drive the next day. We met up with our friend Mr. Bennet, who curates the art for Gallery Next and whose own pieces are at the Urban Medicinal.

The Art of Danzio

He also very kindly led us to Burial Grounds as well, where my Uncle Syn’s works are on display. Though I didn’t run into Uncle, and though I’m never in Olympia for any reason whatsoever, did run into two separate acquaintances during that five-minute jaunt – and that was while wearing a veil.

People just need to bring back casual veils, honestly.

The next morning, Capere and I eagerly set out, looking forward to a late lunch with our friends. Sarah – always an excellent cook – brought out dish after dish, worrying that we weren’t eating enough. There was also a bit of a situation over the correct disposition of the skins of fava beans, which became a running gag throughout the weekend.

Sarah’s only requirement for putting us up was that we bring an extra suitcase of fabulous things – when we all get together, even though we’re grown adults, we inevitably play dress-up. Darling’s beau – who was disappointed to finally see me in real clothes instead of fabulous frippery – felt much better after we all festooned ourselves in tulle.

I wasn't joking about being festooned in tulle.

Darling departed to prepare for his show, and some of us went for a post-prandial stroll in our finery. When we got back to the Spectacular’s home, it was time to get ready for the main event. That’s right: a second round of playing dress-up, which is basically the entire point of ever going to any event ever. So what does one wear to a queer heavy-metal-themed strip show?

Queer Heavy-Metal Strip Club Attire

#WereNotOverdressed #YoureUnderdressed

The show itself was a riot. As you’re aware, this sort of thing isn’t really my bag – but the performers were really very talented. Darling’s performance was exquisite – I didn’t get any photos, though. As he was about to bare all, I left to get a cocktail. I’ve known him since we were five, and it’s nothing I haven’t seen before – and I was taking up room that could instead house some of the ravenous horde eager to get closer to the stage.

Directly after I’d left, his knee – still fragile after a recent injury – gave out on him, and he had to be helped down. There were a few other incidents over the evening, as well – but on balance, Darling’s performance was fantastic, it was wonderful spending time with the Spectaculars, and Ms. Capere and I had a blast. The weekend was exhilarating and exhausting and utterly, utterly, fabulous.

We're not overdressed - you're underdressed.

#ButchAsFuck #ShoulderJewelry

About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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