The Champagne and Caviar Picnic

Apologies for another re-run, Gentle Reader. There’ll be fresh content next week; I’ll have leisure to write this weekend. In the meantime, given the weather recently, perhaps a picnic is in order?

After Friday’s excruciating hike, I wasn’t exactly up for Tacoma Pride, Gentle Reader – my blistered feet, my knee needing surgery, my skin red and raw. I intended to lounge around in my kimono and not even put weight on my legs at all.

Christopher Darling can be very persuasive, though, and he has ways of making me capitulate.


This picture is unrelated to that statement. Sometimes, a picture is just really great.

In this case, he used Ms. Capere to get me to give in. They were both very accommodating of my injuries, and I was feeling better, actually, anyway. So I put on my vintage-inspired Beach Attire, packed my cane and ukulele, and waited for my friends to arrive.


The inspiration. Mine is fitted for a man’s body, is black with a rust-and-gold floral pattern, and has a matching sunhat and neckerchief.

We met Christopher, and then – bless them both – Darling and Capere suggested we knock the champagne-and-caviar picnic off The List.  It’s been the item I’ve been looking forward to the most. We swung by Stadium Thriftway, where posh people and hipsters shop, and picked up all sorts of delicacies. There was Délice de Bourgogne and Drunken Goat Cheese; hummus and vegetables, naturally; red onion and lox; black lumpfish caviar* with lemon and boiled egg; tofu and avocado; champagne† Vega Madein Cava; companionship. For dessert, there were lemon cookies, some delicious sea-salt caramels, and vegan balls of various sweets.


After a long, lingering luncheon – the kind that I’ve always felt is one of life’s great pleasures – I strummed a bit on my ukulele; Darling read some Tarot – apparently all the upheaval and change currently in my life will result in womanly sadness¤, whatever that means. Of course, the book that accompanies his deck also says things like “A hand appears from out of the clouds, as usual“‡ and “This card is filled with the ordinary symbols, and I needn’t bother explaining what they shew.“§

As we waited for Doctor Boyfriend and Capere’s husband to turn up, we lounged in the shade by the famous Conservatory at Wright’s Park ß.


Off to the official Pride celebration we went!

Tacoma Pride

We arrived just in time to see them re-open traffic to the street, despite the fact that the vendors and so on weren’t done taking their booths down. We had evidently lingered too long over lunch. We had to make a choice, then: Which of the block parties should we attend? Both the Silverstone and the Mix had claimed chunks of St. Helens Avenue in which to party. Both were charging about the same cover, and had similar acts – but the staff and atmosphere at the Mix have always been very good to me.

Block party

Surrounded by my people, we celebrated our right to gather, we celebrated our community, and we celebrated the wide panoply of people in all their despair and glory. Capere and I were pleased to get a do-over of our disappointing Pride, and this perfect afternoon was the perfect replacement.


*My favorite affordable caviar. Capelin’s not much more, but lumpfish is perfectly acceptable and less expensive. Also: it is delicious. It’s caviar for the people.

†As we all know, Champagne is, strictly speaking, only ever made in Champagne, France. However, for purposes of the list, any sparkling wine will do, whether or not it’s methode champenois.

‡The Ace of Swords


ß Fun Fact: This is where my parents were married.

¤UPDATE: It did, for a time. Huh.


About Ty DeLyte

Madame DeLyte has suffered a grave disappointment - YET AGAIN - and still believes that freedom, beauty, and truth are what's valuable, rather than vulgar cash. He'd add love to that list - but, well, what can he say about love?
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