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Greetings, Gentle Reader! You’re clearly looking for some kind of explanation about what’s going on in these parts. Fear not! Below, you’ll find a number of links that should sort out any confusion. Cheers, darling, and welcome! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

About the Adventures

About the Reverend Doctor

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About the Doctor’s Photo Policy

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8 Responses to About the Blog

  1. ekgo says:

    You are so chameleonish.
    What I want to know is how you can go from being so freaking cute to being so badly redneck, just in pictures? LIke, one minute, I’m all, “ooh, Jude Law! Droooool! OH MY! Eyeliner! Droool” and then it’s all, “HOLY HELL, there’s Kurt-my-neighbor, WTF? I didn’t even know he knew about the internet. Shouldn’t he be outside, drinking beer and shooting things?” and yet, every time, it’s you.

    That’s what we call a backhanded compliment, by the way.

    Also, why am I just now finding you here (thanks to you finding me here)? That just seems wrong. I look forward to stalking you and if you put up a kickstarter to fund your bardic adventures in EuroLand, I will contribute. I want in at Postcard From Every Country level.

  2. paisleyglen says:

    Thank you so much, darling! My personal motto has always been “All things, in time, to all people” so when I find myself changing – and I’ve changed, many times, organically – I tend to embrace it, and discover who I am now. It’s a process.

    I thought the exact same thing when I found your blog – I shrieked a little, and loved all the things. I can’t believe we didn’t know about one another!

    Who knows if there’ll be a kickstarter. I’m a little afraid of using their service, but at the same time, it’s not a bad option. I’ll make sure it’s all over the internet, though, if I do. ❤

  3. ekgo says:

    Yeah, after I made that comment, I saw your “Hey, dumbass, here’s how you fund my fabulous life” tab but there was no Kickstarter button so I felt a little less moronic because it could then be thought that I was mostly angling for the Kickstarter thing, not the PayPal thing. Still. If you go, I will send money for postcards from other lands. I collect those things. And I will drool as I read your adventure posts. I will even have envy for you. It will be FAB-U-LOUS!

    • paisleyglen says:

      Yeah, I totally though you were like “Here’s another way to go that would totally help you” and I was all “I’m scared, and also didn’t think of it” and, um, that. Post cards can be arranged.

  4. cho wan yau says:

    No I lost it a long time ago, if you do find any bits on your European travels please do pick them up, pop into a jiffy bag and put FAO Lady who lost her mind, c/o others, planet earth. Or simply follow the ramblings of a disturbed mind …

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