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On Patients and Polyamory

Gentle Reader, as Pride Month has finally arrived – and there’s been considerable lack of interest in the etiquette/advice column – this will be the final installment of that particular feature as a regular thing. Therefore, next week, we’ll move … Continue reading

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Of Form and Family

Here we are again with our weekly etiquette column, Gentle Reader. This week, we focus on family matters. Our first question involves new elements in the family dynamic: How do you subtly display your dominance and be condescending to your … Continue reading

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Of Plato and Politesse

Gentle Reader, this week’s edition of Delyte’s Deportment has a few particularly tricky situations. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Our first query also happens to be the very first submission to the column! The anonymous Gentle Reader writes: What is … Continue reading

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DeLyte’s Deportment

Welcome back, Gentle Reader. Henceforward, Thursdays on the blog will be dedicated to answering your vexing social questions, etiquette, and general advice. I’m calling it DeLyte’s Deportment and expect it be wildly popular – and it *will* be, if everyone’s … Continue reading

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Pride Etiquette

Gentle Reader, Pride is a celebration of the LGBTQIA community, as well as a remembrance of our struggle for acceptance and equality. Rooted as it is in our culture, and given that our culture is made up of victories like … Continue reading

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Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Style

Gentle Reader, it’s no secret that I’m a little in love with clothes. Dressing oneself should be a pleasure; it should be a reflection of who you are – it should be High Art. With my instinct for trends and … Continue reading

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In Which We Take Tea

Every Mother’s Day, Gentle Reader, the family gathers to take tea at local landmark, the Meeker Mansion. Maman, my Aunt Elaine, Cousin Michael and I – sometimes some of Elaine’s cousins as well – the butler seats us in the … Continue reading

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