Year the First

Here, Gentle Reader, you’ll find all the official posts of Year the First, in chronological order. They remain on the site in the spirit of full disclosure, but if I’m being honest – well, it took me a while to find my stride as a writer. The early posts aren’t glamorous. If you’re new here- well, skip the first two posts; they’re unimportant. I really hit my stride about Post the Twenty-Eighth or so, but some of those earlier ones are still cute.

I’ve left out Updates and Poetic Interludes – well, after I figured out that they were separate things, anyway – but here the posts, at least, are lovingly curated. The early posts have also been revisited, to add photos and links, and make them flow more smoothly with the rest of the blog. Enjoy!

Post the First: In Which I Explain

Post the Second: In Which A Tradition Is Observed

Post the Third: In Which I Ride A Camel

Post the Fourth: In Which I Kiss And Tell

Post the Fifth: In Which I Wander The Alleys

Post the Sixth: In Which I Mourn Mimosa Sunday

Post the Seventh: In Which I Lose A Friend

Post the Eighth: In Which There Is Snow

Post the Ninth: In Which I Tell Off My Uncle – In My Head

Post the Tenth: In Which I Nearly Die

Post the Eleventh: In Which Gifts Are Purchased

Post the Twelfth: In Which There Is Anxiety, Under An Overpass

Post the Thirteenth: In Which Love Is Lost and Found

Post the Fourteenth: In Which I Propose To A Hero

Post the Fifteenth: In Which There Is A Dumpster Dance-Party

Post the Sixteenth: In Which There Is Silver Screen Romance

Post the Seventeenth: In Which There’s A Competition

Post the Eighteenth: In Which Inspiration Visits

Post the Nineteenth: In Which We Encounter FDR’s Ghost

Post the Twentieth: In Which The Year Ticks Over

Post the Twenty-First: In Which I am Justifiably Angry

Post the Twenty-Second: In Which There Is A Genderfuck Pubcrawl

Post the Twenty-Third: In Which A Light Goes Out

Post the Twenty-Fourth: In Which I Am Barely Here

Post the Twenty-Fifth: In Which There Are Basements

Post the Twenty-Sixth: In Which I Cheat (Poetic Interlude I)

Post the Twenty-Seventh: In Which There Is More Poetry (Poetic Interlude II)

Post the Twenty-Eighth: Ace Hardware and Liquor

Post the Twenty-Ninth: In Which A Pre-Dawn Bus Arrives

Post the Thirtieth: In Which A Lawyer Is Engaged

Post the Thirty-First: In Which There Are Twins

Post the Thirty-Second: Writing Gigs, Angst

Post the Thirty-Third: In Which We Bury The Family

Post the Thirty-Fourth: The Harry Potter Rescue Mission

Post the Thirty-Fifth: Catching Up

Post the Thirty-Sixth: In Which I Discover The World of Raves

Post the Thirty-Seventh: In Which I Ramble About Inconsequentials

Post the Thirty-Eighth: Prior to the Tacomapocalypse

Post the Thirty-Ninth: In Which There Is Opportunity

Post the Fortieth: In Which We Find Poetic Interlude IV

Post the Forty-First: In Which There Are Polarizing Issues

Post the Forty-Second: In Which Vomit Conceals A Surprise

Post the Forty-Third: An Update on Tacomapocalypse, and Meeting a Bus Kid

Post the Forty-Fourth: Two Small Portraits of Anxiety

Post the Forty-Fifth: In Which Tesla Has Been Naughty (Poetic Interlude V)

Post the Forty-Sixth: Much Writing, None Of It Here

Post the Forty-Seventh: In Which I Discuss Ghosts

Post the Forty-Eighth: I Know Where A Horse Lies Buried

Post the Forty-Ninth: In Which Teaberry Retreat is Under Attack

Post the Fiftieth: In Which There Is An Etiquette Excerpt

Post the Fifty-First: A Glimpse of Unsurprising Rural Homophobia

Post the Fifty-Second: In Which We Discuss Names

Post the Fifty-Third: In Which We Have Internet, and Our Hero Bewails His Birth

Post the Fifty-Fourth: In Which There Are Fancy Parties

Post the Fifty-Fifth: Tyler And The Case of Too Many Boys

Post the Fifty-Sixth: In Which We Find A Drunk Man With A Puppet, and Lazarus Darkwinter

Post the Fifty-Seventh: On Weddings

Post the Fifty-Eighth: In Which Our Hero Learns To Fight

Post the Fifty-Ninth: Which Contains A Dinner Party In A Cemetery

Post the Sixtieth: In Which We Explore a WWII-Era Bunker

Post the Sixty-First: The Romanticism/Classicism Test

Post the Sixty-Second: In Which My Father Has Just Died: Part I

Post the Sixty-Third: In Which My Father Has Just Died: Part II

Post the Sixty-Fourth: In Which I Muse About Pride

Post the Sixty-Fifth: Songs With Queer Themes

Post the Sixty-Sixth: In Which I Ramble Incoherently, and You Learn Illuminating Facts about Why I’ve Been Distracted

Post the Sixty-Seventh: In Which I Keep A Promise: Part I

Post the Sixty-Eighth: In Which I Keep A Promise: Part II

Post the Sixty-Ninth: The Reverend Doctor’s Beauty Secrets

Post the Seventieth: On Relationship Status

Post the Seventy-First: In Which I am Hungover and Absent

Post the Seventy-Second: In Which I Practice Vagabondage: Part I

Post the Seventy-Third: In Which I Practice Vagabondage: Part II

Post the Seventy-Fourth: In Which I Am Tattooed

Post the Seventy-Fifth: In Which There Is A Haunted Castle

Post the Seventy-Sixth: In Which A Drug Deal Goes Awry

Post the Seventy-Seventh: The Ballad of Shadow-Douche

Post the Seventy-Eighth: The Floor Show

Post the Seventy-Ninth: In Which There Is A Seance

Post the Eightieth: The Guardian Lesbians of Buckley

Post the Eighty-First: In Which DADT Is Repealed

Post the Eighty-Second: The Victorian Technological Exposition

Post the Eighty-Third: A Jazz-Age Castration

Post the Eighty-Fourth: In Which The Chaise Longue Is The Most Important Part

Post the Eighty-Fifth: In Which We Make A Music Video

Post the Eighty-Sixth: The Renaissance Faire

Post the Eighty-Seventh: Tea Party In The Park

Post the Eighty-Eighth: In Which We Find Duckabush

Post the Eighty-Ninth: The Invention of Fancy-Time

Post the Ninetieth: In Which I Am David Bowie

Post the Ninety-First: In Which We Explore Online Dating

Post the Ninety-Second: In Which We Find Kubla Khan

Post the Ninety-Third: In Which There Is Lightning

Post the Ninety-Fourth: The Enchanted Tea Garden

Post the Ninety-Fifth: The Miracle of the Bromeliad

Post the Ninety-Sixth: In Which We’re With The Band

Post the Ninety-Seventh: The Swingin’ Fourth

Post the Ninety-Eighth: At The Mercury

Post the Ninety-Ninth: In Which There Are Vampires

Post the One Hundredth: In Which We See Amanda Palmer’s Tits (NSFW)

Post the Hundred-and-First: In Which We Explore An Abandoned Building

Post the Hundred-and-Second: In Which We Take Lunch

Post the Hundred-and-Third: Halloween Costumes

Post the Hundred-and-Fourth: In Which We Visit Prison

Post the Hundred-and-Fifth: Veronica

Post the Hundred-and-Sixth: The Tartan Ball

Post the Hundred-and-Seventh: Family Snapshots

Post the Hundred-and-Eighth: A Misadventure in Deciphering Sexuality

Post the Hundred-and-Ninth: Alaska

Post the Hundred-and-Tenth: Ukulele

Post the Hundred-and-Eleventh: In Which My Grandfather Proposes To My Mother

Post the Hundred-and-Twelfth: Tyler J. Yoder and the K.P. Culture

Post the Hundred-and-Thirteenth: In Which We Learn To Waltz

Post the Hundred-and-Fourteenth: In Which I Apparently Date Girls

Post the Hundred-and-Fifteenth: In Film

Post the Hundred-and-Sixteenth: A Response

Post the Hundred-and-Seventeenth: Boy Stuff

Post the Hundred-and-Eighteenth: Dinner and Theatre

Post the Hundred-and-Nineteenth: In Which There Is An Epiphany

Post the Hundred-and-Twentieth: Lavender Marriage

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-First: Diary Entries (Fiction)

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Second: Spontaniety

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Third: The Reverend Doctor’s Beauty Secrets: Halloween Edition

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Fourth: Winter Sea Otter

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Fifth: Gender Expression and Friendship

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Sixth: Tyler Three

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Seventh: My First Thanksgiving

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Eighth: Absinthe

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Ninth: Transgender Day of Remembrance

Post the Hundred-and-Thirtieth: Trusting to Providence

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-First: Last Thanksgiving

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Second: Friendsgiving

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Third: Quitting Smoking

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Fourth: Holiday Parties

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Fifth: My Favourite Things

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Sixth: Holiday Decor

Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Seventh: Blogiversary Extravaganza!

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