Year the Second

Here, Gentle Reader, you’ll find all the official posts of Year the Second, in chronological order. I’ve left out Updates and Poetic Interludes, but here the posts are lovingly curated. Though posts were a trifle more thin on the ground this year than in Year the First, they have all been spruced up for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Post the First: A Christmas Crisis

Post the Second: Spooked in Seattle

Post the Third: We Need To Stop Fighting About Duck Dynasty

Post the Fourth: The Big List – Part I

Post the Fifth: The Big List – Part II

Post the Sixth: And So This Is Christmas

Post the Seventh: The People I’ve Been

Post the Eighth: Year’s End Wrap Up

Post the Ninth: First Night

Post the Tenth: Facing Foes

Post the Eleventh: Little Black Dress

Post the Twelfth: Beauty Secrets of the Reverend Doctor: Horrible Goblin Edition

Post the Thirteenth: An Evening with Darling and Capere

Post the Fourteenth: Impromptu Dinner Party

Post the Fifteenth: Library Books

Post the Sixteenth: Ethiopian Food

Post the Seventeenth: Portland, Part I

Post the Eighteenth: Portland, Part II

Post the Nineteenth: Fairy Land

Post the Twentieth: A Love Letter To A Stranger

Post the Twenty-First: Anchorage, Part I

Post the Twenty-Second: Anchorage, Part II

Post the Twenty-Third: Valentines

Post the Twenty-Fourth: My Gothic Valentine

Post the Twenty-Fifth: In Preparation For Europe

Post the Twenty-Sixth: In Which We Visit The Frontier

Post the Twenty-Seventh: In Which I Am Fit To Be Tied

Post the Twenty-Eighth: In Which Oysters Are Gratuitously Shot

Post the Twenty-Ninth: In Which My Fears Are Revealed

Post the Thirtieth: The Children’s Illustrated Garden Of Intoxicants

Post the Thirty-First: In Which Tempers Are High

Post the Thirty-Second: Bisexuality Explained

Post the Thirty-Third:Photo Apology Bonus Bonanza

Post the Thirty-Fourth: Midnight Margaritas

Post the Thirty-Fifth: Black Krishna

Post the Thirty-Sixth: So Long, Farewell: Part I

Post the Thirty-Seventh: Auf Weidersehen, Adieu: Part II

Post the Thirty-Eighth: Rod McClanahan

Post the Thirty-Ninth: In Which There Is A Hate Crime

Post the Fortieth: Debauchery and Hair Dye

Post the Forty-First: In Which I Ask A Stranger On A Date

Post the Forty-Second: Peruvian Food

Post the Forty-Third: Oops, They Did It Again

Post the Forty-Fourth: Rays of Hope

Post the Forty-Fifth: A Bus Trip In Drag

Post the Forty-Sixth: Beauty Secrets of the Reverend Doctor: New Boyfriend Edition

Post the Forty-Seventh: Into The Mountains (or The Leavenworth Trip: Part I)

Post the Forty-Eighth: Exploring The River (or The Leavenworth Trip: Part II)

Post the Forty-Ninth: The Whimsical Forest Surprise (or The Leavenworth Trip: Part III)

Post the Fiftieth: In Praise of the Femme

Post the Fifty-First: In Which We Take Exercise

Post the Fifty-Second: In Which We Examine #MyWritingProcess

Post the Fifty-Third: Cabin Fever

Post the Fifty-Fourth: #NoHetero

Post the Fifty-Fifth: Memorial Day

Post the Fifty-Sixth: In Which There Is A Drunk Man With A Puppet, And Lazarus Darkwinter

Post the Fifty-Seventh: In Which We Go Over The Rainbow

Post the Fifty-Eighth: The Stonewall Riots

Post the Fifty-Ninth: Songs With Queer Themes

Post the Sixtieth: How To Do Ally Right – A Primer

Post the Sixty-First: A Recap of Pride 2013: Part I

Post the Sixty-Second: A Recap of Pride 2013: Part II

Post the Sixty-Third: We’re Here, We’re Queer, And No One Cares: Why LGBTQIA Visibility Still Matters

Post the Sixty-Fourth: The Gay Nineties

Post the Sixty-Fifth: In Which We Think Of The Children

Post the Sixty-Sixth: In Which We Pass

Post the Sixty-Seventh: In Which We Face The Law

Post the Sixty-Eighth: In Which We’re Coming Out

Post the Sixty-Ninth: An Explosion Of Pride

Post the Seventieth: Pride 2014, Part I

Post the Seventy-First: Pride 2014, Part II

Post the Seventy-Second: How To Cultivate An Elegant Turn Of Phrase

Post the Seventy-Third: In Which We Take The Sun

Post the Seventy-Fourth: In Which We Talk To Strangers

Post the Seventy-Fifth: In Which I Demand A Blood Sacrifice

Post the Seventy-Sixth: The Champagne and Caviar Picnic

Post the Seventy-Seventh: Silvia Rivera

Post the Seventy-Eighth: The Lover’s Serenade

Post the Seventy-Ninth: In Which The Women Come and Go

Post the Eightieth: Tales From The Butch Side I

Post the Eighty-First: A Day On Lake Washington

Post the Eighty-Second: G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S.

Post the Eighty-Third: In Which There Is A Terrifying Puppet Musem

Post the Eighty-Fourth: Tales From The Butch Side II

Post the Eighty-Fifth: An Open Letter

Post the Eighty-Sixth: Songs About Gin

Post the Eighty-Seventh: Halloween Costumes

Post the Eighty-Eighth: The Spectacular Wedding: Part I

Post the Eighty-Ninth: The Spectacular Wedding: Part II

Post the Ninetieth: Beauty Secrets of the Reverend Doctor: Passing as Straight Edition

Post the Ninety-First: A Surprise Engagement

Post the Ninety-Second: Straight Boy Fever

Post the Ninety-Third: Tits and Teeth

Post the Ninety-Fourth: A Fancy Dress, Described

Post the Ninety-Fifth: It’s HALLOWEEN, You Guys!

Post the Ninety-Sixth: In Pursuit of Happiness

Post the Ninety-Seventh: The Swingin’ Fourth

Post the Ninety-Eighth: In Which Romanticism and Classicism Are Revisited

Post the Ninety-Ninth: In Which There Are Vampires

Post the Hundredth: Thanksgiving Gratitude

Post the Hundred-and-First:Beauty Secrets of the Reverend Doctor:Holiday Magic Edition

Post the Hundred-and-Second: The Reverend Doctor’s Holiday Cocktail Guide

Post the Hundred-and-Third: The Reverend Doctor’s Holiday Gift Guide

Post the Hundred-and-Fourth: Blogiversary Extravaganza!

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