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A Misadventure In Deciphering Sexuality

Gentle Reader, K was visiting me at one of my recently-coined Sunday Salons, and in the course of conversation, this post came up – for, um, reasons. Let me present to you once more, for your reading pleasure, A Misadventure in … Continue reading

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Rays of Hope

Oh, my stars, Gentle Reader. I have really been slacking as far as the blog goes, lately. I beg your pardon – as you know, things have been a little rough lately. I even missed last Sunday’s Poetic Interlude – … Continue reading

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Rod McClanahan

Gentle Reader, if you hadn’t heard, Europe’s off, and I don’t want to talk about it. Not an April Fool’s gag; just a quick statement to let you know. That out of the way, we can move on to more … Continue reading

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In Preparation for Europe

Things are really heating up, Gentle Reader, between my various practice trips, the List, and on and on and on – I thought I’d bring you up to speed. Bear with me. After the new year, I had lots of … Continue reading

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Facing Foes

Gentle Reader, I present to you the first item completed from this year’s list-based project: Confronting My Enemies. The Task: We’re not talking that dude who’s a total dick at work, or that irritating girl who always shows up at … Continue reading

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In Which I’m Justifiably Angry

Sorry for another re-run, Gentle Reader. This is the last one, I swear – we’re safely out of the holiday blitz, and I’ll be able to get ahead on posts again. In the meantime, please enjoy last year’s post from … Continue reading

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Year’s End Wrap-Up

I know that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, Gentle Reader, and I know that you’re terribly busy reading all the year-end lists that seek to sum up the Best Vegetable of 2013 or whatever, but I would like to offer … Continue reading

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Poetic Interlude XXX

Truthfully, Gentle Reader, this is Poetic Interlude VII reprised. In light of recent events, both of these pieces seemed particularly appropriate. Also, both pieces are in Patchwork Narrative, which should be available in select stores starting next week. Maybe. With … Continue reading

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A Response

First and foremost, I have to thank WordPress for featuring me on Freshly Pressed. I have had more traffic this week than I’ve ever seen, and it’s been magnificent. I sit here, constantly clicking refresh and watching the numbers soar … Continue reading

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A Misadventure in Deciphering Sexuality

Gentle Reader, I have something new and exciting for you today. I’m sure you all remember Miss K, who appears in numerous posts on this blog. I was asking her to remind me about an adventure we’ve had that I … Continue reading

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