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The Children’s Illustrated Garden of Intoxicants

Gentle Reader, I’m phoning it in, today, for two reasons: I’m trying to sort some snags out with banks and airline companies, and also because I don’t think I’m actually going to follow through with this project – mostly because … Continue reading

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In Which We Find Duckabush

The Internet tells me, Gentle Reader, that the Duckabush River flows through the Olympic National Forest and is totally a real place. When I first heard of it, I didn’t believe that it was – it was too absurd. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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In Which A Drug-Deal Goes Awry

Gentle Reader, you should know that I really don’t care about pot. Personally, I don’t care for it – it makes me mean, particularly if I’ve been drinking, which I have to do before my inhibitions drop enough to take … Continue reading

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