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In Which I Ramble Incoherently, And You Learn Illuminating Facts About Why I’ve Been Disctracted

Another re-run? My apologies, dearest Gentle Reader. Fresh content next week, I promise. In the meantime, please enjoy this glorious mess of a post. It’s one of my favorites, and very silly. Guten Abend, Gentle Reader. The last week or … Continue reading

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In Which We Visit the Frontier

Deep in the forests of Point Defiance, along a long and winding trail, there lies a lost colonial fort. Oh, no – not the original colonial fort, Gentle Reader – a lost replica. And it’s not very lost at all, actually. … Continue reading

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And so, this is Christmas

Gentle Reader, if you’re here on Christmas day, either you don’t celebrate the holiday, which is perfectly wonderful and fine unless you are expecting content from me, or you do celebrate it, and you’re locked in the bathroom desperate for … Continue reading

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Music Monday: Take Your Love With Me

Gentle Reader, I really love this song. Also, I swear I’m better at this when I’m not thinking about the camera, or singing. I’m a bit rubbish, you know. At any rate, for what it’s worth, here: And now, the … Continue reading

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My First Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving dinner I hosted, Gentle Reader, not the first one of my life.  It was hosted in the very first house I rented, of course. We had two separate ones – one for my family on Thanksgiving itself, … Continue reading

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In Which I Apparently Date Girls

What topsy-turvy bizarro world is this, Gentle Reader? Though not quite a platinum gay*, I am very nearly a solid six on the Kinsey Scale. What on earth would I be doing dating a woman? I’m not just talking about … Continue reading

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Gentle Reader, it is a well known fact that I make terrible decisions*. It’s coming along, but I find that spur of the moment decisions based on whims can lead to a lot of fulfillment and creativity. Also, wine and … Continue reading

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