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Which Concerns Mental Health

Gentle Reader, I’ve made no secret of my struggle with mental health. Today, for the first time, I took the plunge and confided my fears in a mental health professional. But let’s back up: some personal history, first. I first … Continue reading

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In Which There Is A Competition

Gentle Reader, this post originally aired back in late December, 2012, for some reason. Here it is again, in its proper season, for your Halloweek enjoyment. Gentle Reader, for purposes of this entry, let it be the month of October, … Continue reading

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A Misadventure In Deciphering Sexuality

Gentle Reader, K was visiting me at one of my recently-coined Sunday Salons, and in the course of conversation, this post came up – for, um, reasons. Let me present to you once more, for your reading pleasure, A Misadventure in … Continue reading

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In Which My Fears Are Revealed

Okay, Gentle Reader, I need to tell you something. Full disclosure: I am fucking terrified of the trip I’m about to take. However, I know that if I don’t go, I will probably die. My life was out of my … Continue reading

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In Preparation for Europe

Things are really heating up, Gentle Reader, between my various practice trips, the List, and on and on and on – I thought I’d bring you up to speed. Bear with me. After the new year, I had lots of … Continue reading

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Facing Foes

Gentle Reader, I present to you the first item completed from this year’s list-based project: Confronting My Enemies. The Task: We’re not talking that dude who’s a total dick at work, or that irritating girl who always shows up at … Continue reading

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In Which I’m Justifiably Angry

Sorry for another re-run, Gentle Reader. This is the last one, I swear – we’re safely out of the holiday blitz, and I’ll be able to get ahead on posts again. In the meantime, please enjoy last year’s post from … Continue reading

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