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Into The Woods

At least once a year I have to escape into the deep forest, Gentle Reader – even when I was already living in the woods. I find it necessary to be in the wilds to recharge, reconnect, commune with chorused nature … Continue reading

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A Misadventure In Deciphering Sexuality

Gentle Reader, K was visiting me at one of my recently-coined Sunday Salons, and in the course of conversation, this post came up – for, um, reasons. Let me present to you once more, for your reading pleasure, A Misadventure in … Continue reading

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A Surprise Engagement

When Miss H invited me to her birthday function, I was a little trepidatious, Gentle Reader. Her brother and his girlfriend, Emilly – though once very dear friends of mine – are no longer on speaking terms with me; we … Continue reading

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A Misadventure in Deciphering Sexuality

Gentle Reader, I have something new and exciting for you today. I’m sure you all remember Miss K, who appears in numerous posts on this blog. I was asking her to remind me about an adventure we’ve had that I … Continue reading

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