The List Project

In late 2013, my life was in a much different place. I was preparing to leave to travel Europe indefinitely, and as part of this voyage of self-discovery I committed to accomplishing 150 unique tasks that I had never done before, or was “not the type of person” to do over the course of the next year. When my plans crashed and burned, I had to dramatically reduce my List, as a number of the items could only be accomplished abroad. In the end, I accomplished fifty of the original items.

The List, 2014

However, it was such a beautiful project, and I learned so much about myself, that I find myself preparing to do the same over the course of 2015. While no one can say where the course of life will take them, it’s always a good idea to explore who you are and to try new experiences.

The List, 2015

Unfortunately, due to the chaos of returning to school – as a List item, in fact, dictated that I do – I was forced to mothball my beloved blog for an unforeseen length of time. Luckily, I’m now dusting the place off and cleaning out the cobwebs; welcome to a new year, Gentle Reader.

The List, 2016

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