The List, 2015

As in 2014, while I love the concept of being forced to complete the full list – well, it just isn’t financially feasible in my current circumstances. Instead, I’ve come to look at it as something to strive for, to help me take risks and grow ever more creative in how to pull these things off. Further, mental hijinks and school stress cut down on my ability to keep my head above water, let alone maintain my blog, for nearly half the year. Many thanks to those who made the items I achieved this year possible, and who love me despite my shortcomings.

As ever, To those of you who aided me in achieving my aims, many heartfelt thanks. I love you, and am in your debt. All my love, darlings.

The (redacted) List of 2015

  1. Learn to play the Banjo.
  2.  Spend time at a public beach in a swimsuit.
  3. Obtain a rope of pearls of my own that have never belonged to any relatives before me.
  4. Try Borscht.
  5. Go ballroom dancing on a date.
  6. Display some artwork of my own in a gallery.
  7.  Dance in the Rain.
  8. Whenever possible, wear flowers in my hair.
  9. Make or alter all of my own clothes.
  10. Grow out my hair.
  11. Enroll in classes.
  12. Learn to sing adequately.
  13. Go sea-bathing.
  14. Make a film with Capere.
  15. Familiarize myself with classic film.
  16. Pierce something unnecessary.
  17. Make time to visit museums.
  18. Go vegan for a week 
  19. Go canoeing/kayaking.
  20. Play pool or darts at a straight bar and try to pass as some kind of dudebro.
  21. Own an actually posh tiara, actually.
  22. Own something bespoke.
  23. Go on a blind date.
  24. Start carrying, and using, a parasol regularly.
  25. Write my will.
  26. Hold a Funeral – and a Wake – for my youth.
  27. Be in a Pin-Up photoshoot.
  28. Use Henna in my hair and beard regularly.
  29. Step into a fairy-ring.
  30. Print out or restore my cherished photos. Make a physical album.
  31. Shave my head.
  32. Throw a Surprise Party.
  33. Put out a Zine. Make that a thing.
  34. Familiarize myself with classical music. As in being able to talk Telemann and Haydn and stuff.
  35. Release Sky-Lanterns for a suitable occasion.
  36. Find my Red Dress.
  38. Finally try Raw Milk.
  39. Make friends with an excellent old lady. Learn her beauty tips.
  40. Plot out my actual family tree.
  41. Attend or host a Kentucky Derby party.
  42. Perform at an Open Mike Night.

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