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On Miss Jean-Louis’

Miss Jean-Louis was born the daughter of the brief English king, Eddie 8, and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Given the rigidly enforced morality of the time period, and the fact that Queen Vicky was his grandmother, the whole thing was hushed … Continue reading

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Madame DeLyte and the Mysterious Rubies

Gentle Reader, I have long held that I would much rather receive a casket of rubies rather than an engagement band. I don’t believe in the diamond trade for a number of reasons – you can choose the artificially short … Continue reading

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Which Concerns Mental Health

Gentle Reader, I’ve made no secret of my struggle with mental health. Today, for the first time, I took the plunge and confided my fears in a mental health professional. But let’s back up: some personal history, first. I first … Continue reading

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The Renaissance Faire

Gentle Reader, this weekend kicks off with an event I have spent many years loving, and which inspired many of my interests and hobbies. I wrote the following last year – the first year in my adult life that I … Continue reading

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Gishwhes starts in less than a week, Gentle Reader, and in honor of the Hunt, I’d like to revisit last year’s competition. The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen is a celebration of art and kindness that … Continue reading

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Into The Woods

At least once a year I have to escape into the deep forest, Gentle Reader – even when I was already living in the woods. I find it necessary to be in the wilds to recharge, reconnect, commune with chorused nature … Continue reading

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Out In The Park

Gentle Reader, it’s always important to gather your loved ones together for the holidays. Maman was heading up to town; Christopher Darling and his beau were headed down. Ms. Capere, her husband Laurence, and our roommate Tram were all gathered … Continue reading

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