Actual Whimsy

Out in the Park 

In Which Madame DeLyte Joins Grindr

A Day At The Museum

Which Contains My Funeral

A Day At The Races

Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

The Red Dress

Classic Film Part I &  Part II

Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Egg Decoration

International Easter Traditions

In Which I Am Pinned

Which Contains Bros

Which Contains Pearls, and a Tiara

Which Contains A Surprise

In Which I Am Vegan

In Which I Am Hung

The Sunday Salons

In Which I Am Pierced

In Which We Find Borscht and Opulence

In Which I Undertake The Banjo

A New List

Year’s End Wrap Up: 2014

The Reverend Doctor’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Reverend Doctor’s Holiday Cocktail Guide

In Which Romanticism and Classicism Are Revisited

The Spectacular Wedding, Parts I and Two

Songs About Gin

An Open Letter

In Which There Is A Terrifying Puppet Museum


A Day On Lake Washington

In Which We Talk To Strangers

The Leavenworth Saga: Into The MountainsExploring the River, and The Whimsical Forest Surprise

A Bus Trip In Drag

Peruvian Food

 Debauchery and Hair Dye

Rod McClanahan

Auf Weidersehen, Adieu

So Long, Farewell

Black Krishna

Midnight Margaritas

Photo Apology Bonus Bonanza

Bisexuality Explained

The Children’s Illustrated Garden of Intoxicants

In Which Oysters Are Gratuitously Shot


A Love Letter To A Stranger

Fairy Land

Portland, Parts I and II

Ethiopian Food

Library Books

An Evening With Darling and Capere

Little Black Dress

First Night

Year’s End Wrap Up

The Big List, Parts I and II

Spooked In Seattle

Trusting to Providence



In Film

In Which We Learn To Waltz



In Which We Take Lunch

In Which We See Amanda Palmer’s Tits (NSFW)

The Miracle of the Bromeliad

The Enchanted Tea Garden

In Which There Is Lightning

In Which We Find Kubla Khan

Midnight Update That Is Super Professional

In Which I Am David Bowie

The Invention of Fancy-Time

Tea Party In The Park

In Which There Is A Music Video

In Which The Chaise Longue Is The Most Important Part

In Which DADT is Repealed

The Floor Show

The Ballad of Shadow Douche

In Which There Is A Haunted Castle

In Which We Explore A WWII-Era Bunker

A Dinner Party In A Cemetary

In Which Our Hero Learns To Fight

In Which Vomit Conceals A Surprise

In Which I Discover The World Of Raves

The Harry Potter Rescue Mission

Ace Hardware and Liquor

In Which There Is A Genderfuck Pubcrawl

In Which We Encounter FDR’S Ghost

In Which There Is A Dumpster Dance Party

In Which I Propose To A Hero

In Which Gifts Are Purchased

In Which We Wander The Alleys

In Which I Ride A Camel



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