Fancy Parties, Costumes, and Entertaining

Into the Woods

Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Style

Which Contains My Funeral

A Day At The Races

Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

In Which We Take Tea

Which Contains A Queer Heavy-Metal Strip Club

Beauty Secrets of the Reverend Doctor: Eternal Youth Edition

Which Concerns My Wardrobe

The Red Dress

A Glimpse Inside Madame DeLyte’s Boudoir

Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Egg Decoration

International Easter Traditions

In Which I Am Pinned

Which Contains Bros

Which Contains Pearls, and a Tiara

Madame DeLyte’s Guide To Green Drinks

Which Contains Irish Drinking Songs

Which Contains a Surprise

In Which I Am Hung

The Sunday Salons

In Which We Find Borscht and Opulence

New Year’s Glamour

How To Deal With Your Relatives During The Holidays

Madame DeLyte’s Guide to Holiday Entertaining

Madame Delyte’s Guide to Holiday Decor

The Reverend Doctor’s Holiday Cocktail Guide


Tits and Teeth

A Surprise Engagement

The Spectacular Wedding: Parts One and Two

An Open Letter

A Day On Lake Washington

In Which The Women Come And Go

The Champagne and Caviar Picnic

Pride 2014, Parts One and Two

In Which I Am Fit To Be Tied

Impromptu Dinner Party

Little Black Dress

Holiday Decor

Holiday Parties


Last Thanksgiving


My First Thanksgiving

Winter Sea Otter

The Tartan Ball

Halloween Costumes

Tyler J. Yoder and the K.P. Culture

In Which There Are Vampires

The Swingin’ Fourth

In Which I Am David Bowie

The Invention of Fancy-Time

Tea Party In The Park

The Renaissance Faire

A Jazz Age Castration

The Victorian Technological Exposition

In Which There Is A Seance

A Dinner Party In A Cemetery

On Weddings

In Which There Are Fancy Parties

In Which I Discover The World Of Raves

On Funerals

In Which The Year Ticks Over

In Which We Wander The Alleys

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